Updates to the Chicago Electrical Code and New Alternative Plumbing Materials Pilot Program
In November, the Chicago Department of Buildings launched an Alternative Plumbing Materials Pilot Program, which will allow owners and developers to request alternative materials for waste and vent and CPVC for water supply in residential and mixed use buildings of up to four stories. These plumbing alternatives represent significant cost savings for owners and developers, and are consistent with recommendations to DOB developed by The Preservation Compact and its partners. Read more about the Pilot Program here and download applications for the Pilot Program here.
On September 6, 2017 the Chicago City Council voted to adopt a major update to the Chicago Electrical Code. This update included several commonsense, cost-saving changes, advocated for by The Preservation Compact, including the expanded use of flexible metal conduit and new rules for the placement of electrical disconnect boxes. Read more about the update here.