Urgent Property Tax Alert – Class 9 Properties

All Class 9 Property Owners,

It has come to our attention that many Class 9 properties have been changed to Class 3 status. This has SIGNIFICANTLY increased their assessed values – some values have doubled or tripled. According to the Assessor’s Office, this change occurred because owners did not submit appropriate annual affidavits in 2015 and/or 2016. Even if you think you submitted these documents, please do the following:

1. Check immediately to see if you have Class 9 status on any of your buildings.

2. Check your 2017 assessment notice, if you have received it, to see if your classification changed from 9 to 3 – values will also have changed (most of the south side of Chicago will see notices next week)

3. Make sure you are within your current 10-year term, and renew that term if appropriate. The Assessor’s Office will NOT be sending notices out if you need to renew your 10-year term.

4. If your buildings are located in the West Chicago township (see map below for boundaries), THE DEADLINE IS THIS MONDAY, 6/26, to appeal through the following process. You do not need an attorney to do this.

5. Appeals process

a. Complete appeal form as best you can – linked here: Incentive Appeal Form
b. Attach your 2015 and 2016 affidavit forms -linked here: 2015 affidavit   2016 affidavit

i. If you cannot complete the affidavits in time, clearly write on the appeals form “Evidence Pending”

c. Send or hand deliver forms & affidavits. In the West Chicago township, forms must be postmarked by Monday, 6/26, or you can walk the forms to the Incentives Department, on the 3rd floor of the County building, 118 N. Clark.

6. If you miss the appeals deadline, you must go through the certificate of error process – linked here: certificate of error form

If your buildings are on the south side, they are likely in the Hyde Park township. Those notices will go out next week, and will state the appeals deadline, approximately four weeks from when the notices were mailed. You should also follow the process above.

You can send questions or inquiries to: class9@cookcountyassessor.com

Township borders:
West Chicago township – North Avenue to Pershing (39th St); the river to Harlem Avenue.
Hyde Park township – Pershing to 138th; State Street to Lake Michigan/Indiana state line.

Township Map: