The Preservation Compact is leading policy discussions on the issues most important to multifamily rental preservation.

Energy Retrofits

Small investments in energy efficiency lower operating costs and help keep rents affordable.

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Consistent Property Taxes

A clear, predictable, and accessible property tax system helps building owners manage costs.

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Rehab and Reuse of 1-to-4 Unit Buildings

Small buildings with 1-to-4 units make up one third of Cook County’s rental stock. Many are distressed and in danger of being lost.

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Streamlined Codes and Processes

Improved and streamlined systems for building codes, inspections, and permits help keep buildings affordable.

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Joint Compliance Forms

Shared compliance forms and processes for properties funded by multiple government agencies.

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Coordination with Tenant Groups and Public Agencies

Local, State, and Federal strategies for at-risk properties.

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