Collecting and Analyzing Data

The Institute for Housing Studies (IHS) collects and analyzes data to guide policy and resource allocation for the preservation of affordable rental housing in Cook County. 

IHS works with The Preservation Compact to articulate research questions, identify data sources, design research and analysis projects, and engage in collaborations with other researchers.



Since its establishment, IHS has made available a wide variety of information related to affordable rental housing, including: 

  • Data: housing price index, vacancy index, multifamily inventory, property-level mortgage data; rent index, foreclosure data and assisted housing inventory
  • Research: rental market overview, rent and vacancy reports, census reports, supply and demand projections, community area profiles
  • Technical assistance: response to data requests from public agencies, lenders, developers and others
  • Website: dynamic mapping capability, user-driver queries


Next Steps

Future research plans include:

  • A white paper on the market for energy retrofits for multifamily rental properties. This paper will help establish the scope of this market and assist in developing funding strategies.
  • Analysis of assessments and property taxes on multifamily rental, including:
    • The impact of decreases in assessment level geography and building type 
    • Analysis of assessed to actual values of multifamily buildings (especially small, 2-4 unit buildings)