Energy Retrofits

Utility bills account for a large portion of the operating costs for a multifamily building, making energy costs one of the primary challenges to maintaining affordability in rental housing.

The Energy Savers Program, pioneered by Preservation Compact partners Elevate Energy (formerly CNT Energy) and Community Investment Corporation (CIC) in 2007, offers free energy assessments for multifamily buildings and low cost financing for energy saving improvements.

To date, the Energy Savers program has completed assessments on 61,800 units and retrofitted 26,900 units. CIC has provided $23.6 million in financing to retrofit 10,000 units. A typical investment of only $3,000 per unit can save 25-30% on a building’s energy bills.

In 2017, the Compact worked with Energy Efficiency for All Illinois and the Illinois Attorney General’s Office to double utility commitments in low and moderate income neighborhoods.